Tridonic : LED module CLE Quadrant G2 ADV, A new generation for greater flexibility

Dornbirn, 11 May 2016 The new generation of the LED module CLE Quadrant G2 ADVANCED now offers even greater flexibility for luminaire manufacturers for round ceiling and pendant luminaries. High efficiency and a high luminous flux are now not just available optionally but can be combined in a single module.

The new generation of the LED modules CLE Quadrant G2 ADVANCED continues the tried and tested Quadrant concept for round ceiling and pendant luminaries, but now offers even greater flexibility. Three new sizes are available with diameters of 522 mm, 802 mm and 1082 mm so that very large luminaires can now be fitted with the modules. One module consists of four segments that can be combined at random and extended with additional ring segments for extra large luminaires. The 2nd generation modules need no lenses, but nevertheless ensure a homogeneous illumination of the relevant luminaire with no shadow effects through the close-fit arrangement of numerous LEDs. This allows the realisation of very flat luminaire designs with a high homogeneity.

The modules achieve a module efficiency of up to 185 lm/W. Various colour temperatures of 3,000 K, 3,500 K and 4,000 K are available for a wide range of uses. A CRI 80 speaks for a good colour rendering, the narrow colour tolerances correspond to MacAdam3. Combined with the manufacturer’s own PREMIUM-LED Drivers, this provides an efficient system solution for dimmable luminaires with a homogeneous light emission that puts representative areas in retail and hospitality applications in the right light.

2016-05-11_Tridonic_module_CLE_Quadrant_ren 2

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